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SPELLMAN & CO Cucumber Reed Diffuser 100ML

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Introducing SPELLMAN & CO Cucumber reed diffuser, a refreshing and invigorating blend that captures the crisp essence of cucumber, elevated with a touch of fruity sweetness and woody depth.

As the reeds gently release their aromatic dance, the top notes unfold with a burst of freshness. The succulent aroma of ripe Melon and the juicy sweetness of Italian Melon intertwine with the cool, green freshness of Cucumber, creating an invigorating opening that instantly revitalizes the senses.

In the heart of the fragrance, a bright burst of citrusy brightness emerges, as the tangy essence of Grapefruit adds a zesty twist to the composition. This harmonious blend of fruity sweetness and crisp freshness evokes images of sun-drenched orchards and lush garden greens.

As the fragrance settles, a subtle woodsy note emerges to add depth and complexity to the composition. This grounding element infuses the fragrance with a sense of warmth and sophistication, balancing the bright, refreshing top notes with a subtle hint of earthy richness.

Immerse yourself in the refreshing simplicity of SPELLMAN & CO Cucumber, and let its invigorating fragrance transport you to a world of pure, natural bliss.

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