I-Scent Group has specialized in the wholesale, distribution, retail, corporate, and licensing of quality fragrances across Malaysia since 2009. We continually expand our portfolio of brands and product offerings.


  • Act as distributors for departmental stores, travel retails, factory outlets, wellness chain stores, and selected perfumeries across Malaysia.

  • Consistently seek new and outstanding products to enhance our collection.

  • With over 30 years of industry experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the fragrance market in Malaysia.

Why it is important to wear fragrances?

Wearing perfumes to your daily regime ensure in eliminating the foul smell that caused by our daily body odor.

Fragrances can lift up your spirits. Especially wear it in the morning to make your whole day fill with joyfulness.

A suitable perfume, just like a beautiful dress which able to increase your confidence and help you get through your day without worrying and doubting.

Wearing a perfume that you love will capture a glimpse of thought and lovely impression to others.

Choosing a right perfume to wear can outshine your personalities or characters. Fragrance can enhance your charisma to connect with others.

The sense of smell is the strongest and powerful to bring back your memories.

Perfume can calm and relax our mind. It also ensures to reduce your stress levels and divert you to your happiness and cheerfulness emotions.

I-Scent Counters at Major Departmental Stores & Retailers