Darjeeling Tea Scented Candle 160GM

Top Notes: Tea, Bergamot
Middle Notes: Pepper, Cardamon
Base Notes: Cedar, Musk

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Introducing “Darjeeling Tea,” a captivating candle with a distinctive wood wick that transforms your space into a haven of warmth and sophistication. This artisanal creation combines the aromatic allure of Darjeeling tea with a harmonious blend of carefully selected notes, creating a sensory experience that is both invigorating and comforting.

At the first flicker, the top notes of Tea and Bergamot gently unfold, setting the stage for a serene ambiance. The essence of Darjeeling tea infuses the air with a delicate, uplifting fragrance, while the citrusy notes of Bergamot add a refreshing twist, reminiscent of a tranquil tea garden.

As the flame dances, the heart of the candle reveals a rich tapestry of Middle Notes, where the spiciness of Pepper and the warmth of Cardamom interlace seamlessly. This aromatic combination introduces a subtle complexity, stimulating the senses and inviting a sense of intrigue into your surroundings.

The journey culminates in the Base Notes, where the grounding scents of Cedar and Musk create a solid foundation for the olfactory masterpiece. The woody essence of Cedar provides a subtle earthiness, while the velvety notes of Musk add a touch of sensuality, enveloping your space in a comforting embrace.

The unique wood wick crackles softly as it burns, reminiscent of a cozy fireplace, enhancing the overall experience and creating a multisensory delight. “Darjeeling Tea” with its refined fragrance profile and wooden wick offers not just a candle, but an invitation to savor moments of tranquility and elegance in the midst of your daily life. Light up this candle, and let the enchanting symphony of scents transport you to a serene tea estate, where each breath is a sip of blissful relaxation.

Top Notes: Tea, Bergamot
Middle Notes: Pepper, Cardamon
Base Notes: Cedar, Musk

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