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Morfose Bubble Travel Set Collagen 50ml




Bubble Hair Shampoo Collagen
Morfose Collagen Hair Shampoo is specially formulated for dry and brittle hair. It is enriched with Collagen, an important structural protein. Provides gentle cleansing, helps to increase the hydration of hair and decreases the look of oily-looking. It contains special components that helps to have softer and stronger hair.

Bubble Two-Phase Conditioner Collagen
Collagen two-phase conditioner softens the hair and makes hair more manageable. It’s suitable for daily use. Collagen is the main structural protein of body’s various connective tissues and that includes the hair. It helps in improving hair’s structure and elasticity.

Bubble Hair Mask Collagen
Daily wear and tear can damage the hair’s surface and weaken the fibres. Hair becomes weak, looking limp and lifeless, losing its shine and silky feel. Morfose Collagen Hair Mask is enriched with Collagen, one of the main structural proteins of skin and hair. It is easily absorbed into hair fibres and makes hair feeling silky. Instantly detangles messy hair.

Ossion Hand and Body Lotion (Vitamin E)
Protects skin from drying out and maintains the skin’s moisture and oil balance. Its natural ingredients enhances the skin’s elasticity. It is a non-greasy formula.


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