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LUMI22 Bio Cellulose Mask (One Box 4s)

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  • LUMI22 Brightening & Hydrating with Marine Collagen Bio-Cellulose mask has a lot of advantages over traditional paper masks, especially for anti-aging treatments. This 30-MINUTE PREMIUM FACIAL TREATMENT formula contains high concentration of PHYTONUTRIENT EXTRACTS that enhance skin diffusion for better absorption and penetration.LUMi22 Bio-Cellulose Mask acts as your SECOND SKIN made from NATURAL COCONUT FIBERS, which are great for OPTIMUM WATER RETENTION and DEEP NUTRIENTS PENETRATION. Evidently, coconut fiber measures up to 20 nanometers, which is 1,000 X THINNER than human hair; a MAGNET FOR HYDRATION and the PERFECT INGREDIENT FOR FACIAL MASKS.


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