“Herbs Pneumonia Prevention & Detoxification 清肺排毒茶 Detox Lung Herbal Tea”


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– 解热、镇咳、抗炎、抗菌、抗病毒、免疫调节
– 可以预防流感和多种细菌病毒的诱导。主治:肺炎、支气管炎、哮喘。
– 预防:咳嗽、肺炎。肺和肝脏解毒,清热,增强免疫系统,消化系统,减少炎症。
– 保肝排毒,预防肺炎。
– 清肺热(喉咙干咳),止咳,排毒(长期吸烟,二手烟,空气污染),提高免疫力肺热(喉咙痛,咳嗽)
– 强肺止咳,排毒(长期吸烟,被动吸烟,空气污染),增强身体免疫力Function:
– Antipyretic, antitussive, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, immune regulation
– It can prevent influenza and many kinds of bacterial virus induction. Indications: pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma.
– Prevention: Cough, Pneumonia. Lung & liver detoxification, reduce Heatiness,
Strengthen immune system, digestive system and reduce inflammation.
– Protect liver and detox, prevent pneumonia.
– Clear lung heat (dry throat and cough), relieve cough,
detoxification (long-term smoking, second-hand smoke, air pollution), improve immunity lung-heat(sore throat, cough)
– Sstrengthen lung stop coughing, detoxification(long-term smoking, passive smoking, air pollution), enhance body immunity


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