“Herbs Chrysanthemum Honeysuckle Herbal Tea Pack 金银菊花凉茶”


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功效:清热 清凉 清肝热 口臭问题
水量:约1瓶半1.5L矿泉水 (2000ml水)《提示如果太浓可以加点热水》
时间:慢火煲约1小时后加冰糖,蔗糖,石蜂糖,黄糖调味即可享用Efficacy: clearing away heat and cooling, clearing liver heat, bad breath
Weight: 4-5 people
Water volume: about 1 and a half bottle of 1.5L mineral water (2000ml water)
“Reminder if it is too thick, you can add some hot water”
Time: Slowly cook for about 1 hour, then add rock sugar,
cane sugar, rock bee sugar, brown sugar to taste and enjoy


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