“Golden Abalone 黄金鲍 Dried Abalone 鲍鱼干 120头 肉厚鲜甜口感好 适于炒焖煮顿涮”


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1. 将黄金鲍鱼干刷洗净,去除表面杂物。
2. 放入干净的容器用沸水浸泡12-24小时至肉质柔软。
3. 泡发后, 再取出内脏及清洗干净。
4.. 干净后, 可拿去焖煮或煲粥。

Abalone ranks the top one among the four great flavors in Chinese of “abalone,ginseng,
fin and belly”, and is known as “The golden on the table.”

How to clean:
Clean the golden abalone with dry brush to remove surface debris.
Put it into a clean container and soak in boiling water for 12-24 hours until the meat is soft.
After foaming, take out the internal organs and clean them.
After cleaning, it can be used for braising or cook with porridge.


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