“Dried Vegetables 白菜干 Dried Pak Choi 鲜白菜干 Sayur Kering 200g”





鲜干白菜是用科学方法制成, 不但能保持鲜菜原色,原味,维生素,糖份和其他矿物质亦均能保持60%以上,
营养丰富,本品清洁维生,食用方便,与冷水同时放进锅内既能煲汤, 若需煮食,

Superior soup, fresh sweet serving

All processing is done by scientific methods, so that about 60% of the original Vitamins,
sucrose and mineral contents are retained, and the colour and flavour are fresh-like.
Hygienic packed, nutritious and easy to prepare ideal for soup making, refreshing and delicious in taste,
put dehydrated cole in water and boil as usual to make soup
Before cooking together with meat,
put dehydrated cole in hot water till it fully absorbed then pick it up and chop it into pieces.


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