“Dried Shrimp 超级虾米 蝦米 Udang Kering 无含色素 无防腐剂 300g “


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✘烘干 ✘没有染色 ✘没有防腐剂
– 虾米的大小和颜色略有偏差
– 我们提供的照片就是我们生产的虾米的样子,相机拍出来的效果跟实物略有偏差,是没有滤镜的,偏差不大。
– 每次用完虾米把剩下的放进冰箱冷藏更能保证下次使用的质量

✘Machine drying  ✘No staining ✘No preservatives
✔Pure natural sun drying
✔Freshness guaranteed, freshly cooked, dried and refrigerated to ship next day
We will strictly select the dried shrimps, try our best to ensure that they are plump and plump, the color is natural and bright, and the integrity rate of the shelled individuals is high.
Whether it’s cooking soup, mixing with tofu, or stir-frying, our dried shrimp is the finishing touch to the dishes on the dinner table!

Precautions to ensure the quality of dried shrimp
– The size and color of the dried shrimp are slightly different
– The photo we provide is the appearance of the dried shrimp we produced. The effect taken by the camera is slightly deviated from the actual object. There is no filter and the deviation is not large.
– Put the remaining dried shrimp in the refrigerator every time after you use it up to ensure the quality


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