“American Lao Shan Old Ginseng 美国老山泡参 Pao Shen”


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泡参亦被用于治理疲倦、烦躁不安、因发烧或感冒初愈而体弱、慢性咳嗽、失音及口渴;亦能解酒。Essence of Ginseng: Ginseng is a tonic with excellent efficacy. It is especially effective for people who are busy with life,
under heavy stress, too much tobacco and alcohol and often stay up late.
Or the first cold is weak and weak, chronic cough, aphonia and thirst; also can hangover.

*** 注意:无硫磺药材,新鲜包装,须冷藏保存
*** Note: no sulphur medicine, freshly packaged, must be stored refrigerated


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